Green Is Our Favorite Color

Energy efficiency. Environmentally conscious. Green homebuilding.

They’re buzzwords we hear all the time. At Hudson Signature Homes Inc. we can confidently say we’re on the leading edge when it comes to selecting green materials and using green building approaches.  We are always looking for economical ways to take energy efficiency to the next level.

What we don’t hear about often is the value of an environmentally-conscious approach to home building.

When you build a home, you have different priorities to consider. Timeline, budget, style, square footage, lifestyle. The trick is to find a builder that can achieve those priorities and deliver a return on investment that is of most importance to you.

When you are considering a “green” home, you’re adding longevity to that list of priorities. In some ways this is tangible (future energy cost savings) and in some ways this is philosophical (if possible, why not choose a lower impact method of home building?).

Note that all green features aside, quality craftsmanship begets longevity, and that in and of itself is green.

  • BA2 ES Qual Clothes Washer
  • BA4 ES Qualified Dishwasher
  • BA6 ES Qualified Refrigerator
  • BA10 Tankless Water Heater
  • BB2 Blown Insulation
  • BB6 Ins Attic/Crawl Hatch(es)
  • BB10 Lead-free paint
  • BB11 Low VOC Insulation
  • BB12 Low VOC paints/finishes
  • BB13 Low VOC wood products
  • BB14 Non-Toxic Materials
  • BB18 South-facing Living Areas
  • BB19 Spray Foam
  • BC2 Air Source Heat Pump
  • BC8 ENERGY STAR Equipment
  • BL5 HERS Rating
  • BL20 Pearl Certification
  • BD1 Awnings/Overhangs
  • BD2 Cement siding
  • BE3 Sealed Combustion
  • BF1 CRI GreenLabelPlus Carpet
  • BF4 FloorScore Cert Laminate
  • BG5 Sealed Foundation
  • BH1 Air Source Heat Pump
  • BH7 ENERGY STAR Equipment
  • BI2 ES qual ceiling fan(s)
  • BI4 ES qual light fixture(s)
  • BJ6 South/West Shading
  • BM1 Carbon Monoxide alarm(s)
  • BM2 Carbon Monoxide Detector
  • BM3 Direct Vent Fans
  • BM6 Programmable Thermostat